Dečije Carstvo, Predškolska ustanova, logotip min

Kristina Tošić


Dear children, love, happiness and joy are the most important parts of growing up, right? That's why we often hear that when happiness is shared, it grows. My life's task is to nurture in myself, and then in you, little people, exactly those qualities.

We grow together, develop and learn about the world around us and about ourselves through our favorite activity - the game.
From an early age, everything led me to this profession. I entered the Faculty of Teachers in Belgrade and became a graduate teacher. I like to paint, sing, dance, I have a cheerful nature and I love my profession the most in the world. I was born in Belgrade on October 10, 1992. Through my work, the moments in which I help children to grow into good people give me the greatest happiness. My name is Kristina Tošić!