Dečije Carstvo, Predškolska ustanova, logotip min

Milena Stevanović


I have been studying and gaining knowledge for many years to become a teacher.
Both through institutional education and through volunteer work, I gained experience in working with children of different ages.

I am a long-time member of the Red Cross and a first aid instructor. As a high school student, I actively volunteered in the "Mladi" organization, and after that in the faculty's PR team. During that period, I gained numerous experiences in the field of: communication, interpersonal relations, youth activism, leadership, organizational work... I apply the acquired knowledge and experience in many ways in working with children and communicating with parents. I am very committed to verbalizing and enriching children's emotions through experiential learning. I believe that the stable and continuous development of children's emotions is crucial for the period spent in kindergarten.